Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A small gift to our children

Written on 14th of August 2010, 11:00 PM

Good Morning friends...

Thats obviously how I will start tomorrow. I am honoured (seriously wondering why) to be the chief guest at an educational institution on the Independence Day.

Then What?

Independent India is such a wonderful place to be...

I belong to a small town originally, though I feel I have created furore to an extent at metro in the making - Bangalore... (Does not mean much)

A small town boy can become a celebrity and endorse a contract of 210 crores. A sleepy dreamer can become our PM. And... we will also have people who will continue to swear in the name of their cricketers, forgetting our humiliating defeats just a few days ago...

Such a wonderful place that we live in.

I still am not clear what to speak tomorrow...

I face a serious allegation that I speak well... An allegation that I cannot afford to prove "Not Guilty". Suddenly I remembered what happened about half an hour ago...

I had just dropped my little one to the bus stand on her way to an important mission... A mission which was a matter of pride for all of us in the family. By then (now)... my family has really swollen without even our realization.

While all were excited and one of our dear ones asked my little one "Are you prepared for the contest?" She had her reply almost ready. She had not prepared but the answer was spontaneous, "I have not prepared, but I will do it."

The answer only spurred a guilt in me. With big claims we stepped into a ground to change the way children think... will make them confident... will facilitate their overall growth... My little girl is only an example of thousands of little ones who are confident but sadly are snubbed down by their parents or by their teachers...

Can we give our little ones a small gift on this Independence Day...?

Instill some confidence to take a decision (However small) for a better tomorrow.

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